The Yogadarshana

picture of godfri

that to which the yoga sutras points is that from which duality springs, but which can neither be contained nor defined by nor within duality. the dualistic nature of concept and word dooms them to relying on suggestion and paradox to approximate that to which they point. accordingly any concept, any statement can be contextualised in such a way as to be wrong. no need to hang yourself on the ropes of the mind. if the concepts elucidated herein help you to uproot other more limiting ones, that is the best that they can do. and then they are no longer of any use or value. they are not the truth, though they may be said to be true, but only if they help to dissolve the veils with which truth is hung. let the accumulations of your mind go and see what then there is to be. ultimately, knowing is uncertain, an approximation. being is all that then remains, until that also is swept away.

my scholastic ignorance has supported my innate maverick tendency in attributing unorthodox meaning to patanjali's words solely on the basis of my own inner experiences. experiences that have enabled me to make sense of the yoga sutras without resorting to hearsay, unexamined assumption or gobbledigook. nevertheless many of my conceptualisations may be obscure for those who have not clarified the mists of perception, cognition, awareness and consciousness. a willingness to sit in silent stillness unprejudiced by any assumption and ready to pay deep, open and honest attention to that which is apperently happening will sooner or later reveal its source as that which is actually happening which in turn will reveal its source also. no special technique is required for this to take place.

and, whilst in these pages, never forget that Patanjali is long gone, and we who remain can only present our opinions about what he said, what he meant. none of us are his official respresentatives, no matter our credentials. all that we say can never be more than our opinion. may my opinions meet yours effortlessly and fruitfully in a disinclination to hold to any opinion or position and an inclination to surrender into the indefinable flow of life........